Voice of Evidence Episode 3: How to stay fit in the middle of a pandemic?

Hosted by Rocco Distefano & Co host Abigail Aboitiz With special guest Mareo Mukes CEO of Coach(ee) – Connecting clients with personal trainers instantly .

The pandemic of 2020 and the economic downturn has hurt everyone’s business, and those who will survive and thrive are the ones who can adapt to changing circumstances, providing safe, reassuring environments for customers and utilizing the latest technology for remote and virtual training as well as group training in a safe, socially distanced setting.

Over 70% of adults in the USA are overweight or obese. Finding and booking a personal trainer is expensive, difficult, and time consuming. Gyms require upfront commitments from clients and take large commissions from the trainer’s fees. COVID-19 has nearly eliminated the opportunity for trainers to work and clients to find trainers and changed what a GYM means for the foreseeable future.

Advanced Wearables INC ( AWI ) and Coach(ee) has a solution for you !!!

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