Nutrition & Juicing

When you’re juicing, the juicer extracts all the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables for you; it can then absorb the juice quickly and use its saved energy to heal and repair.

The AmnioFit way concedes to the importance of nutrition as the baseline foundation for proper health and wellness. In addition to the myriad of services and products offered, the AmnioFit platform incorporates proper nutrition into the program. When you eat food, the body tries to break it down as much as it can to find any nutrients in what you’ve chosen to eat.  Then it sends any nutrients to the 100 trillion cells that make up who you are and your cells use those ‘materials’ to regenerate – so, you literally are what you eat. 

Amniofit incorporates protocols that make available to you the nutritional benefits from fruit and vegetable extracts. The AmnioFit juice extract protocol allows the body to obtain the anti-inflammatory benefits in a more efficient manner. These protocols and recipes allow you to get the adequate amount of macronutrients from your diet and helps you absorb more nutrients from vegetables.