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The Packages

The Intro Package:

The AmnioFit is a comprehensive program geared towards empowering members with education, self-worth, health, and wellness across multiple modalities. We utilize novel technology to help our members take better control of their overall well-being. We provide a platform for our members to feel a sense of belonging, engage in the latest technology in EMS physiotherapy, explore the potential of regenerative medicine, and partake in the AmnioFit remote patient monitoring dashboard. As an introduction, our members are welcome to utilize our AmnioFit powersuit and the AmnioFitbit watch for key vital remote monitoring.

The Remedy Package:

The Remedy is our most rudimental, convenient, and customizable package. We understand life gets busy and our AmnioFit members may not have the time or ability to commit to a rigid routine so we’ve created the Remedy to meet your needs on your terms. With our mobile unit, we can assemble a personal private AmnioFit station in the comfort of your home, office, etc. In this package, we include the basics: basic vital sign assessment, IV hydration with essential vitamins/minerals, a single intramuscular or intravenous treatment of the AmnioFit extracellular vesicles for regenerative and anti-inflammatory needs, and in this day and age – COVID-19 testing. This package is a quick and easy way of taking initiative and being proactive with your day-to-day health and wellness needs.

The Reset Package:

The Reset takes the Remedy to the next level and offers a more holistic and personalized assessment. In addition to the elements of the Remedy, the Reset package incorporates up to 2 administrations of the AmnioFit extracellular vesicle injections, systemic injection of the nicatominide adenosine diphosphate (NAD) to assist with optimal and efficient energy production/utilization, systemic administration of the antioxidant glutathione, a complete assessment of your nutritional/dietary habits by our AmnioFit certified dietician, and the highly sought-after AmnioFit power suit to compliment your exercise and work-out routines. This is our basic partnership package in which we form an ongoing relationship rooted in health and wellness with our patients and clients.

The Rejuvenate Package:

As the name implies, the Rejuvenate Package provides customizable processes focused, primarily, on aesthetics, hair growth, and cosmesis. By including the elements of the above two packages, the Rejuvenate package offers a comprehensive platform to address generalized health, wellness, and address esthetic and cosmetic concerns. Through our proprietary protocols we can harness the potential of regenerative medicine to help enhance the effects of time and aging which may aid to boost your confidence and self-perceptions.

The Regenerative Package:

By far the most comprehensive package within the AmnioFit lifestyle partnership. We incorporate all of the elements above with the added assessment to address sexual health concerns. In addition, we utilize protocols that offer oxygen therapy, phototherapy, infused oxygen microderm therapy, thermal skin tightening, among others. We envision this to truly a partnership endeavor. In conjunction with your primary care physician and network, the Regenerate package is truly the ultimate comprehensive compliment to your healthcare needs.

*Please consult your physician