MEET amnioFit

The Amniofit Way is a comprehensive lifestyle program seeking to complement conventional medicine.

MEET amnioFit

The Amniofit Way is a comprehensive lifestyle program seeking to complement conventional medicine.

What Makes Us Different?

We provide complimentary health and wellness services rooted in advanced regenerative medicine therapies and techniques; Amniofit is particularly committed to an evidence-based approach standard of care whereby a partnership is fostered between patients/ clients and wellness providers.

As the name implies, complementary medicine should not substitute conventional standard medical practices; consequently, it is advisable to consult your primary care physician to further understand whether services offered by the AmnioFit program can aid in your journey towards better health. The AmnioFit program is uniquely distinct partly because we offer a community educational platform which, in addition to the services enlisted, provides an opportunity for individuals to feel a sense of belonging and encouragement with the unifying common goal of generalized health and wellness.

We prioritize a complementary approach that encourages physical exercise, balanced nutrition, the protocolized use of regenerative medicine, and the use of an array of diverse services and products. One of the major goals of the AmnioFit program is to provide the resources and education to empower our members/clients as true partners in their personal journey to achieve/maintain optimal health and wellness. Health and wellness, as history has demonstrated, is more than hard-cold science… it is an artform that is practiced on the foundations of empathy, compassion, research, and teamwork.

Meet the Team

Dr. Innocent Njoku

Dr. Njoku received his B.S in molecular/cellular biology and biochemistry from Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. In August of 2005, Dr. Njoku was recruited to the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, MD to study the role of interleukin 1 antagonists on certain rare auto-inflammatory diseases such as neonatal onset multisystem inflammatory disese (NOMID). These disorders cause persistent inflammation and tissue damage primarily affecting the nervous system, skin, and joints.

Dr. Njoku received his medical training at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City where he published an array of peer-reviewed scientific articles spanning anywhere from complex and minimally invasive spine surgery, global health neurosurgery, effects of immunotherapy on glioblastoma multiforme, affects of mechanical alignment on unilateral knee replacements, and sports traumatology. 

Dr. Njoku has experience in clinical neurosurgery and specific interests in regenerative/sports medicine, and spine surgery.

Joseph J Ross, M.D., F.A.C.S

Dr. Ross’s experience makes him ideally placed to assume a central role within AmnioFit.  He has been actively involved in stem cell research and usage for over 10 years.  Dr. Ross was officially appointed vice chairman of Stem Cell Assurance, in 2010 where he developed a national physician network designed to provide medical and cosmetic procedures and cell banking to individual clients.

Dr. Ross currently holds a professional position at Envision Eye Specialists at four locations in Florida.  He is licensed in the states of Ohio, Arizona, Indiana and Florida.  He obtained his medical degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio and completed a fellowship in ophthalmic and facial cosmetic reconstructive plastic surgery at the University of Arizona under renowned Preceptor Robert M. Dryden, M.D.

Dr. Ross is board certified in ophthalmology.  He is a fellow of the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgeons, the American College of Surgeons, the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeries and the Florida Medical Association, among six other major memberships.  He has trained over 150 Cleveland Clinic and University hospitals resident physicians while Director of Oculoplastics Service at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio.  Dr. Ross is an Emeritus Assistant Professor at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.

Dr. Ross has authored over 50 publications and presentations on topics including cancer, facial contouring, dermal fat grafts and facial implants.  His work has been included in major publications including The Journal of Dermatologic Surgery and Oncology and Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  He has presented and lectured extensively on such topics as plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery techniques and office procedures; skin cancer detection and management; facelifts; nose reconstruction; skin care including products, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and lasers; and micrografting, and hair restoration procedures.

He is a worldwide leader among elite board certified ophthalmologists and plastic surgeons.  Dr. Ross has numerous medical awards for being one of the best surgeons including: 10 Best Plastic Surgeons in Florida 2018, 2019, 2020; America’s Top Ophthalmologists 2010 to 2020; Best Doctors in America 2010 to 2020; America’s Best Physicians 2016 to 2020.

Dr. Ross’s training and expertise dovetails perfectly with AmnioFit which offers invaluable services through pluripotent amniotic proteins, stem cells and growth factors to rejuvenate the effects of aging and rejuvenate with exciting cosmetic applications.  

Jai Kugaraj

Mr Kugaraj has over 30 years of business experience, and has successfully nurtured the growth of several businesses. He is a student, thinker, executor, and an ethical leader with a proven track record in facilitating business growth. He is experienced  in managing teams and setting clear strategies towards executing corporate milestones through solving complex business problems via a team collaborative approach. He has been in the medical forefront in supplying technology and new techniques to providers to facilitate patient care. With personal experience utilizing the various techniques of regenerative medicine, he is passionate about navigating today’s out of control health care costs and procedures to create new pathways in patient centric care and a healthier living.

Janice Wade

Proven, agile business professional with over 20 years experience in executive management , healthcare operation,  clinic management and highly  skilled in building things from ground up to something remarkable and profitable. A collaborative problem solver with refined techniques identifying the root cause of issues and translating complex processes into clear, actionable steps for resolution in a rapidly changing environment. Passionate leader who consistently meets commitments with integrity.

She  started her career in medical staffing agencies for hospitals , doctors office , clinics, long-term care , skilled nursing facility , plastic and ophthalmology.

Prior to pioneering AmnioFit Wellness Janice opened six successful clinics in seven years followed by a surgery center. Guided with passion and commitment to enhancing health and wellbeing she believes no problem is too big to be solved, there’s always a solution.

Janice loves people and is making a positive impact with  lifelong interest in fitness and wellness. After a recent severe accident that prompted her own personal journey into the field of regenerative medicine, she’s developed a genuine passion to advocate for patients who are interested in exploring and gaining deeper insight into the exciting possibilities of regenerative medicine.