Reset. Rejuvenate. Regenerate.


Reset. Rejuvenate. Regenerate.

The AmnioFit way

Take better control of your health by adopting a new comprehensive wellness lifestyle facilitated by next generation science in exercise physiology, natural anti-inflammatory biologics, and complementary medicine.

The Basics:

The AMNIOFIT Lifestyle is not a temporary “fad” program. It requires patients/clients to partake and assume responsibility in their own wellness life journey. In our experience, we have learned results are often successful with disciplined partnerships between patient/client and the wellness team. By utilizing protocols which synergistically combine the health benefits of proper nutrition, complimentary/regenerative medicine, exercise physiotherapy, among other methods – AMNIOFIT may help you Reset , Rejuvenate and Regenerate.

The Amazing Friendship Run

Starting May 1 2021 and ending 100 days later, Stan Cottrell will run from Los Angeles, CA to Washington, D.C., 30 miles per day for 100 days in the Amazing Friendship Run. The run team and sponsors will be offering a wealth of free events and sponsor products along the route. The public is invited to join the run with social distancing enforcement. The trans-USA run event is sponsored by Friendship Sports Association, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in Tucker, Georgia, and AmnioFit to create awareness of health, wellness, unity, fitness and global causes through live events, media and product placement. This event is not about Stan. It’s about the millions of people whose lives we can touch directly through their participation or donations, and the millions more whose lives can be touched and inspired via the internet, social media and the big screen.



Enhance your natural beauty! We offer Botox® and fillers, anti-aging and more.



Oxygen Heightens Concentration, Alertness, and Memory.


Intimate Rejuvenation

The AmnioFit program may address sensuality and intimacy concerns.


The AmnioFit program utilizes different modalities of regenerative medicine which may help you achieve optimum health.


The AmnioFit Program is a comprehensive lifestyle which includes dietary and nutritional support.


RPM uses digital technologies to collect medical and other forms of health data from individuals in one location and electronically transmit that information securely to health care providers in a different location for assessment and recommendations.


AmnioFit Powersuit



When you slip into the AmnioFit Powersuit you may experience the benefits of electrical muscle stimulation. With electrodes that amplify the development and strength of myofibrils in 10 major muscle groups, this suit has the power to enhance your work out routine with every exercise you do.